The Best Road Bikes To Buy

road bikes

There are many road bikes on the market today and this can make finding the best ones difficult. If you are searching for a good road bike, then read the rest of this article. We will go over what some of the best road bikes you can get.

1. The GMC Denali– This is a great road bike that is equipped with high performance tires, which is great for leisurely bike rides or even street racing. Not only that, but the GMC Denali has 21-speeds to choose from, and it is lightweight, and it is very durable, so you can rest assure that it will last you for a longtime. It’s also worth mentioning that the bike features alloy calipers, as well as ally brake levers, and you should find it easy to change gears. If you are looking for a great road bike that is of high quality and affordable, then you will want to get your hands on the GMC Denali.

2. The DiamondBack Haanjo Alternative Road Bike– This bike is made by Diamondback, which is a well-known brand and they are known for quality, reliability and durability, and that is exactly what the Haanjo Alternative road bike is. It’s an 18-speed bicycle, and the tires are big and will provide you with a smooth ride, even over the most rigorous roads. The crankset is great too because it allows you to go from 46 to 36 teeth up front when you end up reaching a bottom of a hill. When it comes to good road bikes, this one is one of the best.

3. Head Accel XR 700C– This road bike features an aluminum frame that is light, durable and it as a carbon fork, as well as double wall rims that are made from aluminum. The braking system is good too, as the bike is equipped with a Promax RC462 brake set, so you can rest assure that you will be able to efficiently brake when you need to, and on top of that the seat should provide you with plenty of comfort. Let’s not forget to mentioned that the bike is affordable, but it looks like a million dollars, which means that it is a really nice looking bike, but don’t let looks fool you because this is perhaps one of the most durable road bikes on the market today.

4. Tour de France 700c– The last bike we want to mentioned is the Tour de France 700c. It’s an affordable bicycle, a reliable ride and comfortable to use. If you want a bike you can use to commute on a regular basis or if you want a bike to race with, then look no further than this one.

There are many other great road bikes out there. However, the ones mentioned above are some of the best ones. If you are in need of a great bike that is affordable and reliable, then check out any of the bikes above and buy the one you like the most.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For Cycling Jerseys

Wearing the right clothing can make a world of difference in how comfortable you are while biking. One essential piece of clothing you should invest in is a good cycling jersey. These jerseys are designed to be lightweight and breathable, making them a good choice to wear anytime you are planning on doing intense riding. The following section outlines some of the main factors you should consider when shopping for cycling jerseys so you can find the best one:


The type of fabric that a jersey is made from determines how comfortable it is to wear, making it one of the most important considerations. Look for fabrics that are not only breathable, but that have built-in moisture wicking properties to help minimize the effect of sweat.


If your jersey doesn’t fit properly, it will never be comfortable to wear. Because of that, ensuring a proper fit is essential. Whenever possible, try on a jersey in person to make sure that it fits. If you are shopping online, take careful measurements of your body and compare them to the manufacturer’s size chart to figure out which size is best.

Cut and Style

Jerseys come in a number of different cuts and styles. For instance, European style jerseys are close-fitting and sleek, while American-inspired jerseys tend to have a more relaxed fit. You can even find cycling shirts that are designed to look more like everyday clothing, which is a good option if you plan to ride your bike around town. That way you aren’t stuck wearing a racing jersey while you perform your day-to-day activities.


Although price shouldn’t be the main driving factor when shopping for a jersey, it is worth considering. Jerseys come in a wide range of prices, making it easy to find one that fits within your budget. Keep in mind, however, that the lowest priced jersey may not always be the best deal. Sometimes it is worth paying a little bit more upfront to get a high-quality piece of riding gear that will last for years to come. Always weigh price with quality to determine which jersey is the best value.

Shopping for cycling jerseys takes a lot of careful thought and consideration. By thinking about fabric, fit and style, you can find the perfect jersey for your riding needs. This can help your rides feel far more comfortable and enjoyable.

Types Of Mountain Bikes In The Market

Mountain biking is one exhilarating sport that gives cyclists the opportunity to test their limits in different settings. This sport entails riding a specialized kind of bike through rough terrain and unforgiving weather. This is an activity that challenges cyclists physically and mentally as they try to navigate through rocks, valleys, ravines, hills and anything else put before them by nature. It is possible to ride mountain bikes through many terrain types with different bikes excelling in different settings from the best hardtail mountain bikes to full suspension models. Before buying a mountain bike, it is important for the rider to have sufficient knowledge on the kind of terrain he or she is going to face. When purchasing a mountain bike, it is essential to take into account the components, materials and budget. Read through this article for an insight on the types of mountain bikes available.

Cross Country Mountain Bikes

These are the most common types of mountain bikes present in the market. These are all-round bikes that are designed for minimal to difficult challenges and obstacles. They are appropriate for trails with numerous facets because their design is meant for them to be multi-purpose and capable of performing in various settings. They are made of very light cycling material to allow for very fast speeds across different kinds of terrain. These bikes are categorized into suspension bikes and hardtail bikes. Suspension bikes can be used for any kind of riding since they are not designed for any specific terrain whereas hardtail bikes are ideal for making jumps and climbing hills.

Comfort Bikes

Just as the name suggests, these bikes are very comfortable and have bigger seats installed. Some models of these bikes has a front suspension installed for a smoother ride. These bikes are usually viewed as the best entry-level mountain bikes. Although they are good for smooth dirt trails and paved roads, their design makes them unsuitable for rugged terrains.

Hybrid Bikes

These bikes are usually a combination of a mountain bike and a road bike. For this reason, they are good for individuals who mostly ride on roads but still want to have their options open in trail riding. These mountain bikes normally have front suspensions and their frames are taller. In addition, their tires are narrower. Similar to comfort bikes, hybrid mountain bikes are taken to be entry-level bikes because their design makes them ideal for light terrains with no big jumps or steep slopes.

Bike Storage Solutions

One of the hardest parts about owning bikes is figuring out where to store them. Not only are they relatively large, but their pedals and handlebars stick out at awkward angles, causing them to take up a lot of space. Fortunately, there are some simple bike storage solutions that can get them out of your way, while still keeping them easily accessible so you can ride them whenever you want. Here are a few you may want to consider:

Bike Hooks

Bike hooks screw into the ceiling of your garage. To use them, you simply hang your bike by its back tire from the hook. This gets it up off the ground, freeing up floor space. Additionally, because the bike is hanging vertically, it has a much smaller footprint, which makes it feel like it takes up less space.

Storage Shed

If you don’t have room in your garage or shed for your bikes, you may want to consider purchasing a special bike shed. These small sheds can be set up outside in your yard, and are quite unobtrusive. Most bike sheds can store anywhere from one to four bikes, depending on the size of the shed.

Wall Hooks

Another great way to get your bike up out of the way is to hang it on the wall. This works particularly well if you have to store your bike in your home or apartment. It almost makes it look like a piece of artwork rather than a bulky bike. The easiest way to do this is by building a shelf-like mount that sticks out from the wall. The top tube of your bike can then be placed over this mount, allowing the bike to hang evenly on the wall.

Alternatively, they also make special wall mounts for bikes that are designed to hold them in a vertical position similar to the position they would be in if they were riding up the wall. This can be a good option if you don’t have a lot of wall space since it allows the bike to be hung vertically rather than horizontally.

Finding effective bike storage can be a challenge. However, with a little bit of creativity, you can find a way to get your bikes out of your way, while at the same time being able to access them easily when you need them. Whether you hang them from the ceiling, tuck them away in a shed or mount them on the wall, the right storage solution can make owning a bike a lot easier.

Bike Safety Tips & Guidelines

Riding a bicycle is one of the most fun and healthy ways to exercise and get from one place to another. Of course, many people use it as a leisure exercise and it can be quite enjoyable, especially if you join a mountain biking group. However, when it comes to cycling, it can also be quite dangerous. So, in this article we will be looking at a few tips and guidelines that you should consider to ensure that you enjoy cycling while being safe.

The most important thing that you should do before you get on your bike is ensure that you have a properly fitted helmet and the right clothes to go biking with. You should definitely wear padded shorts, especially if you expect to be cycling for a long time. Your helmet should be sturdy and crack free to ensure that it will adequately protect your head from injury. You should also wear knee and elbow pads which will also ensure your safety throughout your ride. If you plan on cycling in the evening, night or early morning when its still somewhat dark, then you need to make sure that the reflectors on your bike are working properly. You should also wear reflective clothing that makes you stand out so that cars and other vehicles can see you, even in dark conditions.

If you are cycling on a road with cars, then it is essential that you act as though you are a car. This means that you should use hand signals for drivers that are behind you to indicate if you are going left, right or stopping. You should also obey all the traffic laws and traffic lights as well as try to make your riding predictable for other drivers. This is necessary because unlike other drivers, you don’t have the body of a car to protect you!

Lastly, always make sure to thoroughly check your bike to ensure that it is mechanically sound and in good condition before taking it on the road. This is essential so that you don’t experience any difficulties on the road and become stranded. If that still happens, make sure to also have your phone with you to call for help.

In closing, we have just looked at a few tips and guidelines to help you be safer while using your bike. Once you follow the above tips, I am certain that you will have a safe and enjoyable time riding your bike.

The Importance Of A BIke Helmet

People enjoy bike riding in different ways. There are those who do it as a hobby, there are those who take it as a leisure activity and there are those who do it as a profession. Whichever way, it is important to maintain your own safety. With bike accidents not being so common, many people tend to overlook the aspect of safety. This transpires into very fatal injuries in the event of an accident. For safety while riding, it is important to have a helmet on. Whether you refer to it as a brain bucket, road rash repellent or crash cup, a helmet is an important aspect of your cycling gear. There are many reasons why you need to have a helmet on while on your bike. Read on for some reasons why a helmet is important.

Prevent Head Injury

The head is among the most crucial parts of the body if not the most important one. That being the case, you cannot risk crashing your head onto a rock or tree stump. Head injuries are known to result into the most deadly fatalities and long-term disabilities. If you love cycling, you cannot take chances with your safety. With a helmet on, you are sure that in case of an accident, your brain is protected from injuries and damage.

Weather Protection

Another reason why it is important to wear a helmet is for weather protection. Weather is very unpredictable and you might find yourself riding in the middle of a storm. In addition, if you will be riding for a lengthy distance, a helmet can be of much importance. A helmet also protects you from some common weather hazards such as hail and intense sun. Some bike sellers also give winter helmets to keep you warm if you will be riding in frigid temperatures.


Riding with your bike on a busy road or highway poses many hazards. Many are times when accidents happen because for one reason or the other, drivers could not see the cyclist. A helmet bearing reflective strips can make you more visible to highway drivers particularly in the early evening and pre-dawn hours. In addition, it is advisable to go for a brightly colored helmet so that drivers can have a better vision of you during the day.

A well designed helmet should have three parts: a shell, liner and interior. The shell is a hard plastic designed to deflect any penetrating objects. The liner absorbs most of the impact while the interior padding provides fit and comfort to the head.

What is Work-Life Balance? And Why Cyclists Have It

Regardless of the overall mission for Work-Life Balance, not very many have discovered a worthy meaning of the idea. Here’s a demonstrated definition that will emphatically affect your regular esteem and balance beginning today.

Let us first define what work-life balance is not.

Work-Life Balance does not mean an equivalent parity. Attempting to plan an equivalent number of hours for each of your different work and individual exercises is normally unrewarding and doubtful. Life is and should be more fluid than that.

You’re best individual work-life balance will shift after some time, frequently once a day. The right balance for you today will most likely be different for you tomorrow. The right balance for you when you are single will be different when you wed, or if you have kids; when you begin another career versus when you are nearing retirement.

There is no flawless, one-size fits all, balance you ought to be striving for. The best work-life balance is distinctive for each of us in light of the fact that we all have diverse needs and diverse lives.

However, at the center of a viable work-life balance definition are two key regular ideas that are pertinent to each of us. They are day by day Accomplishment and Enjoyment, thoughts almost misleading in their straightforwardness.

Engraining a fuller importance of these two ideas takes us almost the entire way to characterizing a positive Work-Life Balance. Accomplishment and Enjoyment answer the unavoidable question “Why?” Why improve your pay… another house… the children through college… to do a good job today… to come to work at all?

A large portion of us as of now have a decent meaning on the importance of Achievement. But, we should investigate the idea of Enjoyment even more. As a major aspect of a significant Work-Life Balance definition, satisfaction does not simply signify “Ha-Ha” joy. It means Pride, Happiness, Satisfaction, Love, Celebration, A Sense of Well Being … all the Joys of Living.

Accomplishment and Enjoyment are the front and back of the coin of quality in life. You can’t have one without the other, no more than you have a coin with one and only side. Attempting to live a one sided life is the reason such a variety of “Effective” individuals are not glad, or not nearly as cheerful as they ought to be.

You can’t get the full value from existence without BOTH Achievement and Enjoyment. Concentrating on Achievement and Enjoyment consistently in life helps you maintain a strategic distance from the “As Soon As Trap”, the life dulling propensity for anticipating getting around to the delights of life and achievement “as soon as… .”

My source of caffeine is a diet cola. However, I’m a somewhat trivial diet cola consumer. I don’t care for bottles or jars, I like fountain. Also, there is a major distinction in fountain beverages. So I know all the best fountains inside of a five-mile radius of my residence and office.

Let’s say I’m wondering into a convenient store at 6 in the morning, in my pre-caffeinated state and the farfetched happens. Some philosophical gentleman bumps into me, and says…. “Heh sir… what’s your motivation in life?” Well even in that half-conscious condition, I’d have a response for him. I’d say, “You know, I simply need to accomplish something today and I need to appreciate something today. Furthermore, if I do both of those things today, I’m going to have a really decent day. Furthermore if I do both of those things consistently, for whatever is left of my life… I’m going to have a really decent life.”

Also, I believe that is valid for every one of us. Life will convey the worth and balance we covet … when we are accomplishing and enjoying each and every day… in all the essential regions that make up our lives. Therefore, a great working meaning of Work-Balance is:

Significant day by day Achievement and Enjoyment in each of my four life quadrants: Family, Work, Self and Friends.

Tips on Bike Laws

The laws governing bicycles continue to be developed as bicycle advocates continue to develop the laws that can accommodate people who use bikes. The advocates have continued to fight hard for the rights of cyclists and are pushing for better laws for their members.

Generally, the laws can be divided into three:

• Those that revolve around helmets
• Those that address vulnerability of road users
• And those that protects cyclists

It should be remembered that all state bike laws are meant to minimize the risks and reduce conflicts between bikes, cars and traffic.

Laws Related To Helmets

The laws on helmets require that any person riding a bicycle must wear helmets. All these laws are directed to persons less than 18 years. Helmets laws can be enforced on the parent or a person on the bicycle.

The use of helmets is recommended for safer bicycling. However, countries that have a greater bicycle use have relaxed on helmets laws because they believe that the laws tend to limit the use of bicycles.
In the U.S, over 21 states including the District of Columbia have laws that require any person under the age of 18 years to wear helmets.

Vulnerability Laws

Following an increase in the percentage of road fatalities, vulnerable road user laws have been enacted to increase protection for bicyclist. The states have chosen to protect vulnerable road users in the following ways:

• Imposing harsher penalties for violating the existing laws and which impacts heavily on other road users
• Creating laws that prohibit certain actions directed at a given set of road users.

In cases where the majority of road users have been injured and killed owing to negligence, there are laws that have been crafted to increase the fines and civil liability. The laws are designed to increase the cost of unsafe practices that impacts negatively on the cyclists.

Distracted Driving Laws

These are laws meant to reduce distractions that can lead to accidents. The laws prohibit any activity that can divert the attention of the cyclists. These laws are primarily as a response to the ever increasing use of mobile devices. The laws outlaw texting, or receiving and making phone calls while cycling. The laws require that one must be aware of the surrounding thus the use of mobile devices may make it difficult for one to be aware of the surrounding.

Riding Under the Influence

These laws are referred to as BUI laws. They provide penalties for bicyclists found riding while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unlike the DUI laws, the Bui laws provide less severe penalties and may not affect the rider’s license. The laws are meant to protect the cyclists because alcohol intoxicated cyclists are likely to get severe injuries or even get killed when they get involved in accidents than cyclists that are sober.

All said, it is important to note that bike laws are designed to protect the bicyclists and at the same time protect other pedestrians who may be injured by careless cycling.

Why You Should Commute Using A Bicycle

Using a bike to commute has a potential of improving an individual’s standard of living, wealth and most importantly health. The number of bikes on our roads decrease by the day compared to years back. Most people prefer driving to biking, and as much as there are advantages of driving, biking also has its own.

The following are the main reasons as to why you should consider leaving your car at the drive way, and start using a bicycle to commute to work.

i) Financing a bicycle is way cheaper than a car- This majorly goes without much a say. With the rise of fuel by the day, it is much cheaper to buy a bicycle than to drive a car that would waste a lot of its already expensive fuel on traffic jams.

ii) Bikes reduce road wear- The increasing numbers of cars on our roads have led to road damage and thus the increase of tax payments to cater for such and many other needs. The use of bikes will help save the money used to patch pothole and resurfacing city streets as they are way lighter than cars.

iii) Bikes are a free gym- Commuting using a bike will help save the two hours that most drivers use in the gym. It will also save you the great amount of money you use in those gyms. An individual can lose up to 600 calories by driving only for an hour, and up to 13 pounds in the first year of cycling. It improves your health in general.

iv) They are faster than cars- This applies to all those who drive in the city. Using a bike could save you the time that most drivers waste on traffic jams. It is more likely to feel good cruising along a traffic jam than getting stuck in it.

v) Convenience of parking lots- You can park a number of vehicles on a spot where only one car can fit. This helps to reduce the amount of space that a car takes, especially on congested urban areas. The more bicycles we get into our roads means less car parking lots for better use that will profit the economy.

vi) It is costs less to maintain compared to cars- This is one reason why most people who do not afford cars would rather go for bicycles. They basically do not require as much service as that of a car. A single cost on a car puncture can definitely not be compared to that on a bicycle.

vii)They do not cause pollution when in use- Bikes do not release poisonous fumes in to the atmosphere unlike cars.

These and many other reasons can help you see exactly why we need more bicycles on our roads. The most important of all is that it will get us exercising more hence lesser visits to the health centers. Map out a convenient route for your biking journey to and fro work and you will realize that choosing bike riding is just one of the best means to use.

Biking Can Help Reduce Congestion and Air Pollution

According to a recent article in the Sun News, Vancouver took the top spot on a list that is really not a place where you want to be ranked high. The list ranks that most congested cities in all of North America. While it may seem a bit hard to believe that any city in Canada beat out well known traffic laden cities such as Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., the reality is that Vancouver did, in fact, take that number one spot. The study in question was conducted by a major GPS provider and concluded that Vancouver commuters spend the most time waiting in traffic.

From an environmental standpoint, this top ranking is bad news for everyone in the city, whether commuting or not, because it results in an increase in air pollution from the auto emissions. The dangers of such pollution are well documented and include increases in conditions such as asthma as well as complications from existing heart conditions.

One way to tackle this potential eco disaster is to reduce the number of commuters in vehicles by turning them onto alternatives such as public transportation or riding a bike. If you are an employer, then you can take steps to motivate employees to ride a bike to the workplace by making the office more bike friendly.

An easy change you can make in the workplace to encourage more employees to bike to work is to install some good bike racks outside or create a bike room for storing the bikes. This gives employees a safe place to keep the bike, which alleviates any concern regarding the bike getting stolen or damaged while the employee is on the clock.

Employers can also considering offering a financial incentive to employees to choose to bike into work as opposed to taking their personal vehicle. The Vancouver Courier notes that HUB, the cycling advocacy network in Vancouver, actually works with businesses in the area to improve bike-friendliness.
One thing to keep in mind when considering biking as an alternative to driving a personal vehicle is safety. Businesses will want to be certain that employees know how to bike to work safely and individuals can learn safety tips on their own.

Considering the heavy amount of urban traffic and congestion, it is not advisable for bike riders to use earbuds for cycling as they need to be able to listen for horns, sirens and other safety hazards. It is also worth mentioning that a recent article in the Vancouver Sun notes that road rage between drivers and cyclists seems to be increasing in Vancouver. This is just another reason to leave the cycling headphones at home when commuting by bike.

And when riding a bike in low light conditions, it is a good idea to either wear something reflective or use reflective accessories on the actual bike. This helps ensure that drivers can actually see the bike.

As more people take up biking when possible, the level of vehicle congestion in the urban area will decrease and help both the environment and commuters. And if employers can help with this process, the transition can be a more effective one for commuters.