Types Of Mountain Bikes In The Market

Mountain biking is one exhilarating sport that gives cyclists the opportunity to test their limits in different settings. This sport entails riding a specialized kind of bike through rough terrain and unforgiving weather. This is an activity that challenges cyclists physically and mentally as they try to navigate through rocks, valleys, ravines, hills and anything else put before them by nature. It is possible to ride mountain bikes through many terrain types with different bikes excelling in different settings from the best hardtail mountain bikes to full suspension models. Before buying a mountain bike, it is important for the rider to have sufficient knowledge on the kind of terrain he or she is going to face. When purchasing a mountain bike, it is essential to take into account the components, materials and budget. Read through this article for an insight on the types of mountain bikes available.

Cross Country Mountain Bikes

These are the most common types of mountain bikes present in the market. These are all-round bikes that are designed for minimal to difficult challenges and obstacles. They are appropriate for trails with numerous facets because their design is meant for them to be multi-purpose and capable of performing in various settings. They are made of very light cycling material to allow for very fast speeds across different kinds of terrain. These bikes are categorized into suspension bikes and hardtail bikes. Suspension bikes can be used for any kind of riding since they are not designed for any specific terrain whereas hardtail bikes are ideal for making jumps and climbing hills.

Comfort Bikes

Just as the name suggests, these bikes are very comfortable and have bigger seats installed. Some models of these bikes has a front suspension installed for a smoother ride. These bikes are usually viewed as the best entry-level mountain bikes. Although they are good for smooth dirt trails and paved roads, their design makes them unsuitable for rugged terrains.

Hybrid Bikes

These bikes are usually a combination of a mountain bike and a road bike. For this reason, they are good for individuals who mostly ride on roads but still want to have their options open in trail riding. These mountain bikes normally have front suspensions and their frames are taller. In addition, their tires are narrower. Similar to comfort bikes, hybrid mountain bikes are taken to be entry-level bikes because their design makes them ideal for light terrains with no big jumps or steep slopes.

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