Why You Should Commute Using A Bicycle

Using a bike to commute has a potential of improving an individual’s standard of living, wealth and most importantly health. The number of bikes on our roads decrease by the day compared to years back. Most people prefer driving to biking, and as much as there are advantages of driving, biking also has its own.

The following are the main reasons as to why you should consider leaving your car at the drive way, and start using a bicycle to commute to work.

i) Financing a bicycle is way cheaper than a car- This majorly goes without much a say. With the rise of fuel by the day, it is much cheaper to buy a bicycle than to drive a car that would waste a lot of its already expensive fuel on traffic jams.

ii) Bikes reduce road wear- The increasing numbers of cars on our roads have led to road damage and thus the increase of tax payments to cater for such and many other needs. The use of bikes will help save the money used to patch pothole and resurfacing city streets as they are way lighter than cars.

iii) Bikes are a free gym- Commuting using a bike will help save the two hours that most drivers use in the gym. It will also save you the great amount of money you use in those gyms. An individual can lose up to 600 calories by driving only for an hour, and up to 13 pounds in the first year of cycling. It improves your health in general.

iv) They are faster than cars- This applies to all those who drive in the city. Using a bike could save you the time that most drivers waste on traffic jams. It is more likely to feel good cruising along a traffic jam than getting stuck in it.

v) Convenience of parking lots- You can park a number of vehicles on a spot where only one car can fit. This helps to reduce the amount of space that a car takes, especially on congested urban areas. The more bicycles we get into our roads means less car parking lots for better use that will profit the economy.

vi) It is costs less to maintain compared to cars- This is one reason why most people who do not afford cars would rather go for bicycles. They basically do not require as much service as that of a car. A single cost on a car puncture can definitely not be compared to that on a bicycle.

vii)They do not cause pollution when in use- Bikes do not release poisonous fumes in to the atmosphere unlike cars.

These and many other reasons can help you see exactly why we need more bicycles on our roads. The most important of all is that it will get us exercising more hence lesser visits to the health centers. Map out a convenient route for your biking journey to and fro work and you will realize that choosing bike riding is just one of the best means to use.

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